Starting off the New Year a little rough.

Was looking forward to kick-starting the New Year off with a visit from a close friend from Philly over the next few days, but someone decided to be a total creep at the crack of dawn and attempted to gain access into her apartment through her rooftop deck. Thankfully nothing horrible happened and my friend and her cat are doing okay now (albeit a bit shook).

Continuing work on a new side project and added a few game type identifiers for rivalry/playoff games as well as highlighting the winning team. Really enjoying @eleven_ty after working with it the last two days.

Dove head-first into playing with 11ty today for a new side project to house photo albums from this past season (and eventually future seasons). Definitely looking forward to iterating and improving on this.

Cooked miso soup + noodles tonight. Definitely want to tweak for future meals but this one came out pretty well 🍜

TFW you’re looking up vegan recipes but getting served Oscar Meyers bacon ads 😒

Project Wallace is coming up huge as I work through the CSS provided by a theme from our documentation site provider to have it better match our design system.